On September and December 2016 , Instagram has announced several updates that mentions of keeping their 500 million users safe, and making it a positive place for self-expression. What it doesn’t mention on those updates are the constant security purge to rid of all fake Instagram accounts they have running behind the scenes.

October marks the start of Q4 of the current fiscal year, meaning all businesses are on a check and balance hyper drive. Instagram is no stranger to that call to action business strategy. They have activated an extra level of protection for all Instagram users to benefit from, ensuring that all Instagram¬†handles are real and active. During this month long process, we took it upon ourselves to plan and strategize a more effective business solution to all our customers, so we may remain faithful to our policy of delivering high quality, real and active followers. We are constantly in sync with Instagram’s user guidelines and have always respected their appropriate application usage policies.

May I add that Instagram’s technical team are only human. For the most part, these algorithmic process that they have created, hasn’t been clearly tested out, so “bugs” on your profile are imminent. More users are daily creating an Instagram account, each with different profile settings, user controls and targeted geographical context and framework. This is the perfect backdrop to test the security process that they have put in place and await user engagement feedback.

Lets just say it out loud that there are lot of deceitful websites out there selling phony Instagram followers and passing it as real and active ones. I can tell you honestly that Instagram anticipates all these fakes, the reason for the consistent and behind the scene updates. Basically, they are always on a mission to weed out and delete all fraudulent Instagram handles.

We promise a swift 24 hour delivery of all Instagram orders placed on our website. Keep into mind all key points previously mentioned, the following are the top reasons as to why the order delivery and completion gets delayed:

  • Your Instagram account is set to Private Settings.
  • Instagram is actively going thru their Security Updates routine.
  • Instagram “bugs” after application updates.
  • An incorrect Instagram username given.
  • The Instagram username no longer exists. (Yes, this happens.)

Your constant patronage inspire us to continuously strive to surpass and transcend, with a conscious effort, to develop and enhance our existing expertise. We are your business partners. We always find innovative ways to give you the perfect business solution according to your meticulous needs. We appreciate your commitment to us and in return, we made it our duty and responsibility to your keep Instagram account real, safe and secure.